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he was my first love, my best friend, my wimpy, my babin, my snookums, buttercup

I was the typical 15 year old...just new at the whole dating thing and loving every minute of it. I met *him* at a local highschool football game, we'd gone to school since the 7th grade but i had never met him and had only had his sister in a class before...until that night i'd barely even glanced at him. we didn't talk much there, but then fate made it happen that we ended up going to the same lock in afterwards. we hit it off right away and i couldn't help but be attracted to him. he was cute, funny, and was a natural born flirt. About a month after our friendship began, we started dating. At first we only really hung out at school, held hands and hugged was about as far as we went...we waited a whole two and a half months to share our first kiss. it was the first time i'd ever been french kissed and the sparks flew, that night was also the first time we ever told eachother the famous three words "I love you". Things went from great to even better, both of us were virgins so we didn't really talk about that for awhile. we did practically everything together and were the light in eachother's life. i honestly thought we were going to be together forever but unless forever lasts a year and 7 months...it obviously didn't happen. Things didn't start going bad for until the last 4 months or so of our relationship. He ended up being in a really bad four wheeler wreck about 9 months after we started dating. I stayed that week with his family so that i could go to the hospital and see him. he broke his pelvis, his femar, his arm and a lil' part of his dignity. he still can't use his arm as well as before the wreck due to the stretching of the nerves...anyways, back to the story. about 2 months after his wreck (he's already healed by then) we decide that 11 months is long enough to wait and that we were ready to take that next step in our relationship. he was my first in pretty much everything and i think that's part of the reason why i still love him so much. i try not to and i've moved on...we ended up breaking up a lil' under a year ago and i still miss and occassionally cry over him. We started dong bad in about Feb of 2006...he ended up cheating on me but like a fool i stayed with him. he loved me and i loved him and that was all that mattered to me. he cried and begged me not to leave him, even threatened to kill himself...my love for him would not let me leave him. after that happened, he changed. his family moved downtown and he started hanging out with the wrong crowd. they encouraged him to treat me like dirt and his thirst for friendship led him to do this. eventually he just got tired of all the fighting that got started and my unwillingness to support his new habit of smoking...we broke up. i cried ALOT and then three days later we got back together. this off and on process lasted for a few weeks then i found out he was leaving me for this (pardon the language) slut faced whore...so it was finally over. i gave him back my promise ring and try to put him out of my mind. i started dating around but everything felt like rebounds so i just took time for myself. school started, i seen him, and the feelings came rushing back. i hate that everytime i am l----l this close to getting over him he comes back into my life and tells me he loves and misses me and that i'm dumb enough to believe it. we haven't gone back out since then...but occassionally we do hang out or hook up and although i know it's stupid i can't help myself. i love and probably always will love him. he was my first love, my best friend, my wimpy, my babin, my snookums, buttercup, and all these other things...i just hope that one day it won't hurt so bad and i'll learn to accept what i cannot change.


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