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u become very attached n end up missing your bf soo much

yer well my ex??...what can i say.. weve been togetha for 9 months doesnt seem long but yet wer both only young and he was my proper true love...and we hit it off straight away...in begining of october..2006...he saved my life,i nearly got hit by a car..it was dark that evening...n he jumped n saved me by pushing me in to a bush...along with him to...and thats wen i fell in love....but moving on towards december...it all changedhe went away for a month n came back n didnt want to know me..which rele hurt...but yer we did get bk together,after that we seemed to get along finee..till beging of febuary,he cheated on me!! i was shocked but i new it would happen,and yet of course it still it...but i rised above it i new i woodnt have it any more...haha..however we did get back togetha after all the tears...from him ofcourse.....anyway time moves on n still having the rawls..but towards april they got worse n really stupid...and every nite it was another rawl...mine against his..terrible.....now may weve finished...and funny anough i still love him...he was my first proper bf serious..but as u can see everything he has done iv looked past it because i loved him eva so much...but all i can say is becareful...u become very attacheddd n end up missing your bf soo much..


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