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My first true love, left me for someone else

My first true love, left me for someone else. It was all quite intresting, if I were to be objective about the apathy and classless way she went about doing it. It's quite a perplexing story, frought with my suffering. At first she was a new student, and admittedly I didn't like her very much. Somehow we started talking in gym class and I thought she was amenable and intresting. So one day in the hallway she gave me a little not saying to call her. I'll call her A. I talked to A for around two hours that day, and I remember it was the day Anna Nicole Smith died. Intresting I remember that. Anyway I liked her, but I didn't love her at first. Eventually one weekend she called me and we talked, then I called her back. "I think I'm gonna call you my girlfriend now..." I said. We were then dating. I was apprehensive to get intimately involved with her at first, because the last girlfriend I'd had for nine months endly badly, and I usually become attached through intimacy quicker than an absence of it. The whole time I dated her 3 and a half months, her Dad only allowed me to see her five times. I don't think he liked me from the beginning. That's just slightly ignorant, considering I actually love and care about her, unlike some of her previous boyfriends(one broke up with her on her birthday).
We got along mostly, maybe a few small arbitrary arguements her and there. Eventually I fell deeply in love with her. I cared about her more than anybody else, and I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the school. Then her ego started to grow immensely. She would always make little coments like "I can get any guy I want". Just really insensitive stuff. I never said anything like that, because my attention was completely focused on her. I didn't even really think about other girls at the time. Eventually she got grounded for low grades, and I couldn't see her for two months. I didn't care though, I wasn't going to break up with somebody I loved just because I couldn't see them outside of school for two months. Appearently she felt differently. Her Dad didn't like me and said she couldn't see me for an indefinite time span. In reality I don't know if that's even true or not. I bought her a really expensive birthday present and some Godiva chocolate among other things. The next day she came to school holding hands and kissing somebody else. The day before she called "just to say she loved me". She then gave me back the brecelet and a stupid not, saying things like "We'll go back out" and "My Dad says I can't see you even in the summer" and "I still love you". It's probably all BS but whatever. I'll never trust anybody again after that. She said she loved me and she'd never leave me for someone else, and I believed it. The funniest thing is she tried to get her friends to beat me up, and now all my friends are her friends now. It's pretty crazy. She even told the cops I said I was going to kill her or something, it's just ridiculous. I mean you break somebody's heart, and then you just do all that other stuff to them. It just proves love is a lie and to never trust anybody, regardless of what you might think at the time.


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