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She was the first person I ever really loved

I was going through a realy hard time in my life, myself being sixteen and suffering in high school. I'm an attractive person (male) but I'm one of the least popular people in my school. I just don't get along with a whole lot of people. And it's a small little vilage, so of course it's a bunc of BS all the time. I was in a really bad mood the week this all started, I was getting bad grades, just typical arbitrary stuff. A new student suddenly appeared and she was in my gym class. At first I didn't think she was very attractive and I didn't really want to be seen even talking to her. Eventually somehow we started talking and she randomly gave me her phone number on a piece of paper with a message "call me later!". I didn't really know if I should or not. At the time there was three or four different girls I could've gone out with. I called her and we just talked for a few hours. I started to like her. Every day for a week I'd call her and we would talk for so long her Dad would have to tell her to get off the phone. Eventually I called her one day and I said, "I think I'm going to call you my girlfriend". And we started going out. We were going out for four months. I was snapped out of my deep depression and I was in a great mood. I though to myself, "I must matter, because somebody loves me." I was totally in love with her. At first I thought I was too good for her, even though she is cute. She thought the same thing too. She would always write me notes, and every class period the only thing I could think about was getting out of there and talking to her. Eventually her Dad grounded her and it was for two months. Now this guy already tried getting her to break up with me saying stuff like "you can have any guy you want." and "why would you want to be tied down like this?" Now this father is a real idiot, he met his current wife after his first to-be wife cheated on him and they never got married. The current wife was 15 when they met and he was 26!!! Needless to say he got her pregneant and they were married a year later. For whatever reason, he didn't like me even though I'd never said more than a few words to him. My girlfriend at the time assured me she would be ungrounded and eventually we could see eachother again. I was depressed again, quite deeply, to the point where I would just cry uncontrolably. She was all that I had and I had a feeling it wasn't going to last. She just started becoming more distant, not really caring about me as much as she used to. So her birthday was coming up, it was April 19th. I went out and bought her a nice silver bracelet, very expensive, a box of Godiva chocolates, a Hallmark little singing card, and some other assorted things. I thought maybe if she was mad at me it might make things a little better, because I really really loved her. She appeared to like it. Since she was grounded from the phone, she called me after school and thanked me for the gift, and we taked for a few minutes while her parents weren't there. They showed up and I said love you see you tomorrow and she hung up. Then she called me back to say "I'm just calling to say I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow." I was in the best mood ever, I thought we were going to be back on track. The next day I show up at school a little late, and I wonder why she wasn't at my locker. I waited a few minutes and just decided she was late or something. I walk down the hall and there she is HOLDING HANDS WITH ANOTHER GUY!!!! I was at a loss for words. I couldn't believe it. My heart was broken right then and there. During my first period class, all the girls in my period were sympathetic towards me, telling me how dumb she was. I mean the guy she was kissing and holding hands with is a complete loser, he makes me look like Tom Cruise or something. He's 18, dirty, missing teeth, and is a complete liar and he uses women just for sex, not to mention everyone thinks he's unattractive. After that class I sulked about to my next class, and my ex girlfriend approachs me handing me the bracelet and a note. I called her a few four five and six letter words, words I would take back if I could. At the time I was heart-broken, so my anger is understandable. I'll give you the basic jist of the note. On the outside it said my name and I'm sorry right next to it. Inside it talked about we always fight (not true) and her Dad says I'm not allowed to see her even in the summer, and it's killing her to say all this and eventually we will go back out. And I thought, why would I go back out with someone who hurt me so much, even though I still love them? Even though this happen a few weeks ago, I can't stop thinking about her, and I still love her. I can't believe it though. She probably just went out with me because she thought I was handsome or something, even her own sister said I was the hottest boyfriend she'd ever had. She was the first person I ever really loved, it wasn't like my other girlfriends, I thought it would be different.


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