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...just really scared right now

I was going out with this guy and the reason and ONLY reason i went out with him is that my best friend told me that he's going to be good for me. so I took a chance and we started dating, until one day, he told me that he was cheating on me, so we broke up and I was really hurt. But then, this other guy came, and i really fell in love with this guy so we started going out. Now, my ex wants to get back with me so bad, that he started hurting my best friend's boyfriend so she'll somehow convince me to break up with the guy I'm with right now. I wouldn't so she got her other friend and they went on my email and started to send my boyfriend all the random emails about how i hate him, which is a LIE. and then, i was found out and i was afraid that something will happen between us, but everything turned out alright. My ex stopped torturing my best friend's boyfriend. But then, my ex still wanted to get back with me so he somehow convinced my best friends' parents to move out of state and now I can't see her. She was there to "protect" me sort of when my ex was over because sometimes he wanted to hurt me and now she's gone, I can't be anywhere thats safe, except when Im with my boyfriend. So right now, I have no idea what's happening and my friend's calling everyday to make sure nothing happens...just really scared right now.


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