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it actually hurts to breathe

it was one of the rainiest days of the year and i was happy as can be but that all shortly changed. i went to see my b/f and there was a note with my ring in it so i opened it up and it said
"i'm sorry to do this but i have to do this as much as i don't want to. it kills me to say this and i don't want to hurt you but if i don't do this now you will hate me later so here it is. it's OVER. love you" my heart had been ripped open i immediatly fell to the floor all i could think or ask was why we had been together for 2 months and he broke my heart i found out he had been cheating on me with his ex and that pissed me of and hurt me badly but i act happy but i'm actually dying inside it actually hurts to breathe.


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