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the guilt is still there. It will always be there

I was 21, about to go away to recruit training for the navy, it was my dream job, something i had always wanted to do. I was also madly in love. The day after i left, he broke up with me, i was so distressed that i discharged after 1 week and came home. I will regret that for the rest of my life. After i got home we got back together but 1 month later he broke up with me again. I was so low, unemployed and didnt care whether i lived or died. I began drinking heavily and taking prescription drugs. Then i met a guy, it wasnt love at first sight, just a way to mend my broken heart, but something held us together, to this day i dont know what. Then 4 months into the relationship my ex called me, he wanted to get back together. I went to his house and we slept together. Afterwards i felt sick and cried all the way home. What is wrong with me, why was i so obsessed with this guy who had literally destroyed life? The next day I threw out all his photos and gifts and got a new phone number. I have not spoken to nor seen him since. The new guy is soon to be my husband, we have been together 4 wonderful years, I have a new career as a nurse and proud to be drug and alcohol free. I never told him about the night I spent with my ex, but the guilt is still there. It will always be there.


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