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u dont forget ur first love.

Ok...I fell in love with this guy. And when he asked me out I was thrilled! And soo HAPPY. The first time we went out we were together for 2 months and 4 days. He said he loved me so much that their was know way in showing or telling me it. but on his birthday he broke up with me for his baby sitter who was pregnant at the time (it wasnt his because hes not like that) and she was a few years older than he was. well they went out for a few weeks or so as i was trying to move on and date some one else who i wasnt interested in at all i just didnt want to be single i wanted to prove that i can move on like he did, as fast as he did. but i couldnt. but then once i found out that he and his baby sitter had broken up i was thrilled and he had called me and left a message saying would u go back out with me. and when he asked me that i was still with the person i didnt like so i broke up with him and went back out with my ex. this was our second time going out i thought it would work out this time for a long time, but then, this guy that lived more local started liking me and a few days before MY birthday i broke up with my ex this time so he can see how it felt but when the guy that lived more local broke up with me i knew that i sank down to my ex's level but even lower but he was still in love with me and i was still in love with him because u dont forget ur first love.

we tryed to work everything out and we did eventually. he asked me back out again now we are together again and hopefully it will last a lot longer than before. o and did i mention that i found out he had cheated on me before? his ex told me about that one. but i dont think he really loves me now considering he flirts with other girls and all but i want to stay with him so if that means im gonna have to trust him more then i will.some ppl think im stupid for staying with him and sometimes i do too. but u cant love someone and break up with them because ur friends dont like you being together right?


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