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maybe she can deal with his drama

We met about 2.5 years ago. He started off being so sweet, attentive, and loving when we first met and pursued a relationship purely as friends. I'd asked him if he any kids then and he lied and said no. Lo and behold the relationship progressed and we actually became an item. Then he shares a "secret" with me---he has two kids by his ex girlfriend in another state! He swears he just didn't know how to tell me because the kids were not with him and it had been a nasty breakup with their mother. Technically he wasn't lying because he wasn't being a father right now as in taking care of the kids because he didn't know where they were. I forgave him love was blind. We continue on and eventually I get pregnant with my first child. Thats around the same time that I find out that he does know whereabouts his other children may be because he's been recieving child support letters non-stop from the other state. He gives me an excuse---I believe it because i'm so in love. All the time that I'm pregnant hes supposed to be finding a better job or at least one with full time hours. He never does and becomes angry when I ask him how the search is going. I end up working in a very harsh physical job until I give birth at nine months. After the baby he becomes very passive-resistent in behavior, doing things like allowing my sister's pet bird who we were keeping at our place and who he was supposed to take care of die of dehydration. He claims to have forgotten to give the bird water. Then finally the emotional abuse he'd begun giving me turned physical and he hit me. We broke up but I returned because I thought that things would be okay if I could just be a better woman to him. Another baby later---still emotionally abusive----and physically abusive. The last straw was when he laid hands on our toddler in anger while he was drinking. I left him and also found out that he'd been cheating on me even while I was pregnant with the last baby with this bottom feeding whore. Who can have him....maybe she can deal with his drama. The girl claims taht he was confused...I wish he would have told me about his confusion(whether to stay with me or go)I could have cleared up his confusion real quick-----Vaya con Dios!!!!


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