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I will never, Ever talk to her again...

This is just going to be nice and to the point. I was dating this girl for about a month. My senior prom was coming up, so I asked her to it and of course she said yes. Things were going great as far as I could tell. She was working around 60 hours a week though, and with high school and that much work, we rarely got to see each other let alone have much quality time. But we did make some time. As I said, things were going fine, until one day I find out from other people, like Everyone that I know, tells me that they feel sorry for me. I was like for what, and they're like well you and her broke up. And all I could say was, well it would be news to me. Well later that day, I asked her what was up, and she said that she was sorry, but she couldn't goto prom. I asked her why not and she said she had to work that day and there was NO way that she could get that day off. Well knowing that she needed this job, loans and sh*t to pay, I was bummed, but I was just like w/e. Well now in the next week or so, I keep hearing more rumors from more people that she is going to prom with her "best friend" - some other guy. So I ask her about it and she just real snappy like "No, I already told you, I can't get off work so stop asking." Im like w/e, and we really didn't hang out at all that week, and I told her that I was making plans to goto prom with one of my other female friends (Just platonic) and then she said thats fine and that we would meet up after prom and hang out. Well day of prom, I go to take pictures with my friend up at a local park, where a lot of kids go to take pics, and who shows up, thats right My ex... With the other guy that I asked about. Pulled a fast one and me, being the trusting type, believed that she really was stuck at work. Needless to say I was really pissed off, and I will never, Ever talk to her again...


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