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never give up, if it's meant to be you will know it, and it will be.

My 9th grade year i met the man of my dreams. I lived in a smaller city, and you basically went to school with the same people for your entire life unless they were military and moved in or out. Some how i had never met him before. We were both into sports to, and popular. When we met, it was love at first sight for both of us, unfortunatly i was in a realtionship already. So we became best friends, more like brother and sister. He started dating my best friend, we'd all hang out. Whenever they were all cuddley it hurt, i wanted to cry, and it was like he'd always check my reaction of the things they did, and one night when they kissed in front of me i just burst into tears and made up some lame story, but later that night he pulled me aside and told me he knew how i felt, because he felt the same. Well my friend and him had problems, she was always cheating on him or flirting, and i felt obligated to tell him since they were both my best friends. I eventually told him, and he ended up comming over to my house when they broke up, we took a long walk in the freezing winter. We talked and talked then he just kissed me, and right then and there it was as if both are hearts were beating as one, it was amazing, i had never even seen anything like this in a movie! It was such a hot romance for being so young, but no overly. We stayed together for 9 months, and took a break because we just needed to make sure it was right because we were both blown away from this. Well that summer i hung out with some of my male friends, and everyone accused me of having sexual relations with one of the guys, and my love really was hurt. No matter what i said didnt change it, and he became so scared of feeling that pain again that we never got back together. Well about 7 months later i moved about 1000 miles away. FOr the past 3 years we have kept in contact, we express our love and want for eachother all the time. Sometimes i get so overwhelmed and afraid that i freak out and wonder if hes playing games. Well in 5 more months im gonna be going back there for college and weve talked about getting back together, so maybe finally i can have happiness and be with the one i was meant to be with. My advice to anyone else who feels the way i do, never give up, if it's meant to be you will know it, and it will be.


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