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The break up was sudden and out of the blue

My boyfriend and I were dating for a year. We were long distance, but we both kept deciding that our relationship was so deep and valuable and ultimately leading toward marriage, that we stuck through the distance. During that time, he went back to college and had a hard time making friends. When he finally did, it was a girl. I felt uncomfortable and told him, but he reassured me that he had no feelings for her.

The break up was sudden and out of the blue. He called me on a Sunday and said, "We are delaying the inevitable." This blindsided me. Just a month ago he told me how much he wanted to marry me. A week before, he said he was hanging out with that new friend, and he wished it was me he was with. That I was the only one he wanted to be with. A day before, he told me how he felt more for me than anyone else he'd ever met. We had plans to spend the summer together and go meet his mother, a big deal for him.

Also, when he broke up with me, I asked him just not to date that other girl. He promised me I had nothing to worry about.Two days later, he started a "committed" relationship with that girl. I found out over myspace/email. I called him, and he said he didn't technically cheat, but I'm pretty sure he did something before we broke up. I'm glad I'm out of this relationship, but it hurts realizing how much he lied.


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