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Should i wait for a miracle or just stop talking to her?

Ok, well i was in a 4 year relationship with a wonderful girl since high school and i watch her grow into a beautfil young lady. I cherish the ground she walked on and we had the greatet time together. But the commuaction was a little off. There were times when things werent right, cause of me. I wanted to have fun and party and she didnt. I ended up hiding things i did and lie about it which i wasnt proud of. I never cheated on her, id love her too much. I wanted to marry her and everything but we ended up having a bad break up that effected family and friends. I ended up pushing her away and we started to hate each other. About a couple of months she found someone and apparently loves him which hurts alot cause i feel it was too soon and fast. But now about 7 month later we talk still and we are more mature and i've had the time to learn from my mistakes and try new things and be more active, She see it and loves it but its not enough. Even if she comes to me about him and how his distance and how they fight about nothing, there were times where we spend hours online talking and sharing music and she openly admit that she doenst do that with him. When we talk I show her that i care about her and her well-being. I make her smile and laugh when she has bad adays. She even compared our relationship to theirs and how ours was better. I love her still and i dont want to accept it or make it obviuos. But she knows in her heart i do but its like something bad has to happen in their relationship to reaction. Its hard and long to wait for something if anything. Makes no sense, she listens to our song and music that like cause it reminds her of me but she doesnt want to be with me?

I want a g/f but i want her, i want to love again and hold her but knowing that she with someone kills me. But i act strong for her and act like i dont care. Should i wait for a mircale or jsut stop tlaking to her?


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