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woman with that much baggage

Nice Guys do finish last.
I was 25 and she was a single mother in the military. I was just getting out of the Coast guard when I met her. Something happened and I fell in love with her and her little girl. We married after dateing a year or so. Life went on she wanted children I adopted her daughter and we started a family. I worked gave her anything she wanted took care of the children so that her military life would be smooth. Then she became a officer and was gone from us for 5 months she came back and things seemed great. She had what she always wanted and was very happy. There are many details that show my love and devotion to her and my children as a MR MOM so to speak. Putting my dreams of finishing school and a degree to put her first because that is what you do for your wife. A month after our 7th wedding aniversary she sits me down and says that she just dosent feel the sam way that she did when we first were married. She unhappy and wanted me gone. No one could see this comming not even her own mother, who thinks Iam the greatest man her daughter ever had. I thought of all the people I could marry she would never do this. Now she is a single mother who has 3 kids is 31 ran up her credit card to 15K got a tummytuck 7K and moves every 3yrs. She said that she wanted more in her life. Well she sure has it. I miss my children and her so much it has been 7months and I still ask her to come back to me. She says she is a better person now and could not go back to what we had. I ask myself what kind of man would want to go after a woman with that much baggage. I only think of me wanting this.
Her mother tells me she is crazy and what goes around comes around and she will see what she tossed out and that there are alot of men out there who would not do half the things I did for her. I just cant get her out of my heart and head even though she has done me like this I cant hate her yet for fear that she might take me back. Who Iam I kidding.


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