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what goes around comes around, hahaha

Met a great guy after a painful divorce, though he was Mr Right, he was charming, good looking and loved my two children, he proposed and we were engadged, he moved in with me and six months later, he moved out quickly, acted mean and hurtful and we broke up for a while, I gave the ring back, I was always very good to him, loved him dearly and he would just dissappear on me or wouldnt call, he said things to try to make my self esteem dissappear he was very cruel, after a year of him telling me he loved me and other BS, he dumped me for another girl the had the nerve to call and ask me to get him some medicine, HAHA the girl he thought was so worth huring me over gave him herpes !!!!hahahahahaha He then got another girl (ex gf) to marry him 2 months later (he is always looking for a woman who has more than him which is nothing! Any way the idiot married him, come to find out I was the 3rd girl he had given that same engadgement ring to she is the 4th!!! he reused it!! He can keep his recycled ring, LOL, now I have a man I can trust and a ring wice the size of that one, and all she's got is a user, cheater, liar and player, and all he's got is s stupid wife and oh yeah HERPES !! what goes around comes around, hahaha


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