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I went into her page and saw their wedding picture

I was going with my bf for almost two years. I am a single mother of 2 young children, and he is a parent of 1 adult, and 1 teenage boys. He was always confused, always saying he didn't want to commit cuz he didn't know where his future was leading. He was on the verge of leaving to Iraq for 18 mths, and he claimed he would not be there for me. Although he called me every night to say I love you and I miss you. After all the arguements and the proving how much I loved him thing, he finally told me I was the one he wanted to be with that he didn't need look else where cuz I take care of him. We got into an arguement 3 days after he took me out to a very nice resturaunt and said that he would always love me. I never heard from him again for 3 weeks. Something told me to look on his myspace page, and I saw a woman he had added leaving I love you comments, so I went into her page and saw their wedding picture. You can imagine my surprise and anger. They had gotten married a few weeks after we broke up. I don't know when or how he managed to keep her hidden from me, but she knew he had a girlfriend.


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