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now hes running scared cause i filed for custody

My husband moved his family to ny.I was to find a job and get a place for us all to live.I have been here for 6 months now and he tells me ,he wants a divorse.He told me so many things in the last 6 months likehow much he loves me and blah blah blah.He told my sister he filed for divorse,but failed to tell me.He claims i never liked his fiends,well hes right,how can i raise my kids telling them how dangerous pot and beer is when my own husband has yet to give them up?THen after me having to tell the 4 kids,and putting us through all those terrible emotions for weeks,he tells me he changed his mind.How can he mess with me and my emotions like that.I just don;t undertsand all this,so there fore,i have decided to just move forwars,I dont have the time to sit and wait for him to make up his mind.I was told many times in the last 6 months that he was going to stop drinking and driving,but he has not stoped.He told me one time,"i smoke weed cause it helps me deal with the kids better". If you have to smoke weed to be around your kids,then let me remove them from you before you mess with their heads too.I have alot of support where i am,but after 17 years of marriage,and constant idle threats of divorse from him,,,now hes running scared cause i filed for custody.Then he changes his mind.End of story.


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