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I will never repeat my self to be hurt like that .... NEVER!!!

We lived in two different country, I know him from my best friend.....we start talk and share everything...then we loved each other...

Time goes by and we never met again....he dicided to end our relationship, he said he sick and he cant take it I have alot of boy-friends around me, I keep telling him that he is the only one I loved...even he sick or he far from me...at least one day...I am sure one day we will meet and we gonna be together....but I think all what I have done for him not good enough....we become friends (Thats what he wants).....

I could not believe even to my self that I still love him so much and one time....I could not hide anymore then I told him... "I will go to visit him"...but...he did not said anything....till time goes by he told me he wants to have sometimes to be alone....

I give the times
I give him space to be alone
I give him everthing he ask.....

Till he called and say NOTHING.......we still talk...I am confuse and Hurt at the same time...but could not say anything....

Times go by...I could not decided what will happen to me...then I told him........WE SHOULD STOP TALK...then FORGET ABOUT US!!!!!

Hurt so much but I can move on, slowly I guess....but I will never repeat my self to be hurt like that .... NEVER!!!


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