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v bcame damn gud friends 1st

there s dis guy in my batch hu is extremely hott! v bcame damn gud friends 1st n then on my part it started getting a bit more than that.bt i always used 2 get this feelin that he likes me....v started calling up each other n v planned a hangout 1 day...he kissed me (on my cheek), hugged me,danced,n almost carried me(n i kno it wasnt meant in jus a friendly way or anything)...till that day v used 2 keep messaging each other n i used 2 wait 4 his calls...bt after dat day he hasnt talked 2 me properly..doesnt message to me or even talk in school....i still LOVE him like anything...i c him sometimes in school looking at me n stuff bt i'm nt sure if he likes me or if he ever did like me...its been ages since we'v told each other a "hi"...now i keep waiting for him 2 make the move coz i'v had enuf of trying....i really love him a lot still n i hope 1 day v cn get 2gether like dat day coz it was the most beautiful day in my life....


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