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It's good to be single

It should never have started. I met him on Friendster. He's from the same hometown as I am and his cousins are my friends though I have never met him before. At first, it was nothing serious... just casual MSN conversations. But then, somehow his words got the better of me. I thought he was sweet, handsome and matured... and he's in the same university as I am.

We arranged to meet at my dormitory and soon became good friends. It was naive of me to think that I can know him within a short period of time because we spent endless hours chatting online.

This one night, while we were watching a movie after coming home from clubbing, he proposed to be my first boyfriend. I said yes and had my first (bad) kiss. I never should've said yes. Saying yes was indirectly signing a verbal contract to depression.. and extra stress.

His atheism was getting on my nerves. I had to accompany him while he smoked outside in the -20C winter. I had my own beliefs and morals. I am one of those so-called old-fashion girls who won't give up virginity before marriage. He was very persistent and tried making me feel bad. From then on, my instincts gave me bad vibes about him but at that moment, I thought having him as my boyfriend was too good to be true. We were even talking about having a long distance relationship since he was going to leave when he graduated in December.

Have I heeded to my instincts? No. We broke up 2 weeks later after we got together. He still stayed with me in my dorm. We remain as "friends"; no intimate physical contact. Of course, I still liked him. The reason we broke up was because he has had two bad long distance relationships before. I was gullible to believe all his embellished exes stories... that he got into a big depression and lost himself. I guess since he knows that he's supposedly my first (though I don't think he ever was my boyfriend), he manipulated me to do favours for him. Just the day before he left for my hometown, he asked me to sell this big box of books. I was stupid enough to do so but since he loaned money from me... I am keeping the money sold from his books.

So, this is finally fair. He got me into a month of depression. My grades were dropping. I locked myself in my room... hoping to talk to him online. He was basically trying to be polite. I think he wanted me out of his life. He never knew me. He blocked me on msn... and my instincts kicked me in the brain.

How I got over it? I wrote songs to keep myself alive. Angry at myself, I worked out in the gym. The pain from over-exercising felt damn good. I talked to my friends online. I forced myself to get out of my room and hang out with people I know.

Up to this day... we still haven't talked to each other. Sometimes though, I ponder what he would say if he saw me. I just pray silently that if we were going to meet each other in the near future, and if the decision of remaining as friends stays, I just hope we can forget the past. Whatever happened shouldn't have happened. Long distance relationships don't work generally. I should've known.

Thank God I have my parents and friends to guide me through this horrible experience. I believe there is always sunshine around me. It's good to be single; I have plenty of friends all around me.


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