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He was my first true love

It was the first day of school. We had every period together except second, and i couldn't get my mind off him. I thought he was so cute and adorable. I told my new best friend, and she told him what i thought. I couldn't believe her. In the end i was thankful, because we ended up together. He would always right me sweet notes, and we would hangout together at least twice a week. He would bring me flowers at school and call me all the time. I thought of him as the perfect boy friend. We could talk to eachother about everything. He always said how he was so happy he found me and how so and so was a slut and how he would never go for any of the other girls. I believed him. He loved me that I know for sure. I loved him too, except I didn't love how jealous he was. This boy had a crush on me and when we walked from fourth period to fifth, he would get mad if I was smilling, because he thought i would be smilling at that boy. He made me so angry. He always thought i was flirting. One day he wrote me a note saying "I saw you flirting:(, flip to the other side, with me and I'm glad" Over the summer i went to a friends house(she has a boy friend too) and it turned out one of her guy friends was there. What could i do? He was my friend too. My boy friend thought i cheated and called and said i don't think this is working right now and hung up. That was his way of breaking up. I couldn't believe it. I had known we were to young. A few weeks later he went out with a slut a grade above. If any guy talked to me he would tell them i was trash and all this mean stuff. Then his slutty girl friend broke up with him and they were still friends. Then he went out with a different older slut and two weeks later she brakes up with him. Then the girl he told me would never go out with, he ends up going out with. Two days later she brakes up with him. He was still friends with all three of them, because he didnt have real feelings for them, he just wanted to make out. I still coudnt talk to any guys, because then he would be mean to them, and threaten them. I still think about how nice he treated me and get sad. I dont know if i will ever get over him. He was my first true love.


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