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TRUST ONLY YOUR INSTINCTS... Not your hornyness

I was enjoying a good life with a good profession. I was about 25 at the time, travelling overseas to look over my properties (yes! owned) and then I was separated from my ex husband of 4 years. Then bam! it hit me! I needed to live, I wanted to have "fun". Something I had never done! I was for the most part very responsible, I even supported my mom and 3 siblings.. agh! I was tired! I needed to feel alive, I needed a change... But boy! what a crazy change!

I met him at my 1st out and about partying night. I was approached by at least 20 guys in an hour. I guess I was exuding some kind of vibe... here I am! ha! He entered the club, didn't really caught my attention, but he had a great sportmen's body that I thought! what the heck! I had never been a "bad" girl... so I looked his way and of course he approached.

I knew then, he was NOT the one! but I played along... just playing with fire. He was of course, drunk, and accompanied by 2 of the girls he was sleeping with (1 of them with her own husband!), but I just had a thing telling me something was off, I didn't find that out until years later!

Anyway! had my sexual fling with him and then came back home. A year later, he was still calling me every sunday and emailing me regularly. I was very cold in my communications with him, but I guess not enough! I went back to the same city we met a year later and we started "seriously"... well! I did, he continued playing...

We moved in together (too fast!) got pregnant, aborted, he continued his playing (I didn't know, just intuitevely knew it was off!) and I blindly continue without listening to my guts. 4 years later, few hits here and there, 5 miscarriages, over 100k handed freely to him, he made no inhibitions out of his philandering again.

Yes, I was happy... at times... it was worth it ONLY because I got my baby daughter. I wouldn't do it all over again! ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER... no matter if he sweared I was his soulmate (sugarmama) and our daughter made him happiest (BS) and he had change (gee! where is he now?). Almost all my money gone, a house handed over to his name (my money) and living out welfare I am feeling great and thankful for the lesson he has taught me:

TRUST ONLY YOUR INSTINCTS... No your hornyness
I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF just as fine or even better
I FEEL MYSELF AGAIN after few months in the hole.

Bless you.


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