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at Christmas, he arrived drunk at my parents home

I dated a man for nearly a year, and I thought he was the one I was going to be with for the rest of my life. But at Christmas, he arrived drunk at my parents home and ate hardly anything (my mom had put so much trouble into the dinner). He gave me my Christmas present - a pair of trainers and 80. I know that seems a lot of money but the way he treated me - he spent every weekend drinking while I waited for him in his flat (which I had spent at least 500 for him)on my own. On New Years Eve, he PROMISED me and my daughter that he would be there to see the new year in. He didnt. I got drunk and ended up in his flat (I had a key) and poured 2lt milk and 2lt fanta orange onto his mattress. I also broke all the glasses I bought him, the shower curtain rail I bought him, the halogen heater I bought him. And six days later, he has a nw gf. i have never been so happy. He drove me to drink, I began to hate him, and the best of all - I have lost nearly three stone because he is a weight off my shoulders!!And the greatest thing of all is that I have met a man. A MAN! Apart from being gorgeous, he is intelligent and he gives me a run for my money!!


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