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i'll be like "sorry i found somebody better"

so me and this boy had started going out when we were 10. (i know, really young, but we liked each other.) we were off and on, and i really loved him, even though he lived about 55 miles away and we only saw each other a couple times a year. so when we were 12, we decided to take our relationship further and we had sex. and then the next day; he dumped me. i cried so much, and then i left not speaking to him. we went almost a whole year not talking until i saw him again. i tried to ignore him, but he kept following me and trying to "talk" to me. like i wanted to talk to him! well, after a few days i let up and he kissed me and everything was all right again, so i thought. the funny thing about this kid is that he is really manipulatyive and without knowing it, i was forced to do things i didn;t want to. but then i left, going out with him, and i was happy. we talked nonstop for the next 3 days and then he decided to tell me that is was over (again, for the 23rd time, no joke, i counted) because i was older than him. he's a total dickweed and i'm glad i found a better guy that i have been with for over 3 months, and whe i see my ex again, i'll be like "sorry i found somebody better..."


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