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i really feel sorry for the next poor girl

i met up with him about 2 years ago...wen we first started going out it was brilliant...i loved every last second i was with him! until...he started going behind my back....first he would tell me he didnt want to see me as much....then he would start to ignore me for days on end! in the end i found out he was cheating so i ended it! but he came round my house straight away and tried to touch me in places i didnt like, then he would tell me he loved me and that he couldnt live without me and if i didnt tell him i loved him he would get a knife out of my kitchen draw and kill himself, i had to lie to him because i was so scared! after about 2 weeks i met a really nice boy who liked me too, but i couldnt see him because of my 'ex' who thought he was still going out with me! in the end i had to move away because i couldnt live with him hastling me all the time, the only reason he really wanted me was so he could have sex on tap and he knew i would give it to him because i was scared of him! but now its all over! he made me take drugs, which i am finally getting over after going to rehab for a couple of months, i really feel sorry for the next poor girl who has to go through something like that!


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