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he doesnt drink

Well i started dating this guy about middle of my sophmore year and i had met him when me and one of my good friends were in a huge fight and before i met him i was a big drinker...well he doesnt drink and when i met him it was like love at first sight so i stopped drinking for him and it was easy because i had no communication with my friends who did drink because of the fight so everything was perfect i made new friends who didnt drink and it was soo great we were soo happy for about 6 months when me and my old friend who drinks became friends again and i found it harder and harder to not drink so one night i finally gave in and did and he found out about it because he came to the house i was staying at and we basically broke up because of it...the next day i had reliezed what i did and apologized and promised him it would never happen again and that i loved him to much to do it again and lose him so he forgave me and everything was good for about a week when we got in a stupid fight over what grocery store to go to buy something and he left my house and i never spoke to him again in person still to this day and this happened about a year and a half ago..well anyways the next couple of days at school my best friend would always stick up for him when i would complain about him and i knew something was fishy because on the weekends i would call my friends and they would be with him and i thought that was rude because there my best friends why are they hanging out with my ex boyfriend well about 2 weeks later i was on the interent and i got an im from him saying how he was dating my best friend i never hurt so bad in my entire life and the worst thing was that day in school i had asked one of my friends to ask her if anything was going on between them and she told that girl that if anything would ever happen between them she would come talk to me about it and that never happened so i was soo hurt and angry still to this day im still in love with him and all my rel. have sucked because im still in love with him and and cant get over him and it doesnt help that he wont even talk to me and its been over a year not even on the internet he blocks me from everything my boyfriend of right now even tryed getting him to talk to me and he wont he is actually still dating this girl to this day i dont know what to do anymore!!!!


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