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he's the only one who has ever made my heart sing.

I started seeing this guy last march and we hit it off great. He turned out to be everything I had ever wanted. We went out one night to a dive bar down the road. My best friend who happens to be a guy that new boy had not met yet came in sloppy drunk and upset. So sloppy drunk me, not to mention the little pill of X I had taken earlier that new boy was not pleased about, split from the group and ended up talking to my best friend in the car for about 45 minutes. When I walk back up to the bar I catch new boy exchanging phone numbers with some other girl. Needless to say I was very upset with him and he with me. He thought I had ditched him to go mess around with the best friend. And why shouldn't he have gotten a phone number? He thought this girl was cool and wanted to hang out with her later.
That night is what I frequently refered to as "The beginning of the end". A few weeks later I announced to new boy that I was seeing other people as well. I was not about to let him think that he is the only one that can snag someone else. It was also my crude attempt to make him want me more. Almost one year later this guy is long gone and I was still heart broken. That's when I found this site and pleaded for help to anyone that would listen. I got some very helpful advice...JUST CALL HIM. Well calling him did nothing for me. He got off the phone with me as fast as he could. So persistant me found him on myspace and e-mailed him. I saw that the e-mail had been read and no response. I chalked it all up to the fact that if it isn't ment to be then it's just not ment to be. Well about a month ago I got a phone call from him. We started seeing each other again! Yay. I was a little frustrated because he would only come around about once every week and a half. So earlier this week when he was leaving my house I just plain out told him with a sweet smile on my face and a flirty voice "Don't wait another week and a half to come see me again." The next night I got a call from him. He said "You told me not to wait another week so I figured a day was long enough." Hopefully this story will have a very happy ending. After all he's the only one who has ever made my heart sing.


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