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He Gave no Warning - He Just Bailed

My guy was a real prince. The man of my dreams. I've dating a long time, & I know - he's the one. I was single 1 yr after a bad break up from a 3yr rela. He was single 4 mths after a mutual ending of a 5yr rela. We met by chance thru a mutal friend. Knew of eachother yrs prior though... We were a great team. A short romance but everything happened so fast - a whirlwind, intense, passionate, really intune w/ eachother - He always said things felt right we had potential and had a good thing going. We knew eachothers souls.

I was up front w/ him from the start that there were some family issues I was dealing w/ in case he wanted to leave - He told me that is stuff I have no control over - has nothing to do w/ me, they are not me & nothing I say or do will make him change his mind or his feelings for me. He was always very emotionally open & expressive w/ me - shared his hopes & dreams. The energy between us buzzed. Instead of looking for work out of town said he was going to stay cuz he had me & liked what we had. He went on about being attached to me and that things were getting better and better. Said he wasn't going anywhere & I'm amazing, hard to find girls like me, & I'm worth the wait. Always making plans for us.

We spent an insane amount of time together. Lots of chemistry between us - the comfort levels were so high it's like we'd always known eachother. We went away a couple times. He had me meet his parents - who liked me and like wise. I was invited to dinner. I met his friends & we all got along super. On our 1mth anniver we made plans for my vacation & he said I was his #1 - a priority.

The next day he seemed distant - but he assured me we were fine nothing to worry about happy to be with me & laughed saying yes when I questioned if he wanted me to still be his girlfriend... said he just wanted us to spend a little less time together - he wanted to be able to have the opportunity to miss me.

1 day later he dumped me. Saying the feelings are gone... said I'm not the girl for him. I know I had some things going on around me & a high stress job... but couldn't he have just given me some time to sort things out or an ultimatum or a break? Most people who question their feelings have a chat - take a break... do a probationary period. Not a sudden dump.

I MISS HIM SO MUCH. He is EVERYTHING I ever wanted. I hate this feeling. Especially not even on the 1yr anniv of the previous heart break. I never want to feel this way again. The worst part is I know he really wanted to be w/ me & I took him for granted. Now that I know how I truely feel, in love, what am I supposed to do. They say it's never too late for a 2nd chance, while others... how do you win back the heart of a man you seem to have disappointed?


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