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i cnt stp thnkn of him

He was da bst thing iv evr had in ma life he was sooooo cute n popular n i loved him or actualy stil love him soooooooo much. we stayed 2gdr 4 almost 2 years n den he brok up bcz he dsnt love me anymore. i did everythng he wants i gave up 4 alll ma frnds 4 him even ma bst frnd n ma SISTER, everytime he sees me he wants 2 only make out( kissind,touching,etc) n wen i told him plz stp it he told me dat this is how he express love but nw he'v got his girl frnd n he told her he dsnt want to touch her or anythng bcz he loves her. I just dnt undertsand y he did alll ds stuff wd me wen i gave him evrythng n da worse part is dat i we wer almost going 2 do sex n he wz always cheating on me. i dnt knw wt 2 do i love himm sooooooooo much n i cnt stp thnkn of him


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