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i'm wondering if i should confront her or not...

well, my ex and i have been with eachother for a good two years and a little longer. And then for some reason, he met another girl in which he calls "his mentor" and "the truest one out of all his friends." She has a boyfriend and it's ridiculous because she hangs out with my ex more than her boyfriend it seems like! Well, she talks a lot of shit about me and yet, my ex doesn't back me up or even stop her from doing her crude things to me or saying those dumb remarks about me. He doesn't even believe me when i tell him what she has done to me. I still care for him, but i don't know if it's worth caring about him anymore since he doesn't seem to even care about me! Well, this feud has been going on for over about two months now and it's getting out of hand to the point where the other girl is playing the games, i'm not doing anything at all and he believes her words more than he believes mines. I can't even look at him in the eyes anymore without knowing that every single word he is saying to me is a lie. He's acting like a jerk. And he has only known this person for a couple of months. He has known me for well over five years! I dont know what both of their problems are...but it's getting pretty stupid. -_- It's all child's play. But i'm wondering if i should confront her or not...


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