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Beware of JOCKS!

I cared about him. I think I still do but he was stupid! Not like the choices he made were stupid, although they were, but he himself was and is dumb. However this never shocked me. You see I am in college. In fact I am a workaholic cute dork and he was the tall handsome jock. Everyone warned me coming into the relationship to watchout to try and avoid being hurt. It didnt work!!! At first he was perfect calling consistantly and sending messages but very soon after all the messages stopped and so did the calls. Some where between the begining and the break-up we had sex and it was crap. And after the crappy sex he had the nerve to say 'what if someone likes a person but doesnt want to be in a relationship.' RIGHT AFTER SEX! Not to leave out the fact that he was only my second and I had been holding out for two years. What a guy right. I had to do all the work all the traveling and everything else accept wipe his behind mean-while my friends are seeing me look like a looney running after him. Well one day about 6 monthes into the relationship I couldnt go to work so I went by his place only to find him drunk partying with some basketball groupies! GREAT! Whatever, I was cool about it. I just asked him to meet me in my room at 3am after he was done partying. He said ok and followed it with everything I wanted to hear from the begining. Long story short he never showed up! The same thing happened the next night. He never called and never said sorry for hanging me out to dry NOTHING!!! When I see him now around campus he doesnt even speak. Beware of JOCKS!


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