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i swore i would never be with him again

I was with this guy for 11 months. It would have been a year on valentines day. It was the beginning of febuary his birthday week and he was having a birthday party at his sisters house and he invited alot of people from his high school. he told me to meet him at his house at 3 and i did his friend was there also cutting his hair and he was going all crazy like a girl rushing to get ready. well he was treating me really rude while i was there because he didnt want his mom to walk in and see me and he knew i wasnt going to wait in the car.To make a long story short he said really rude things to get me to leave so he can go to his party without a girlfriend, but i wouldnt until he admitted that he was cheating..so when his friend left he got really physical with me and starting pushing me out of his house i was fighting back because i wanted my answer and the present i got him for his birthday back.. he squeezed me until i couldnt breathe and picked me up and threw me out his door and on the ground and being the kind of girl that will never take a hit without getting mine i fought back then he pushed down his steps and threw the present i got him for his birthday at me..i left his house..he went to his party..i swore i would never be with him again..but i did.i loved him so much.

Then time went on and i broke up with him again. we stayed but we talked. then march 14th came along and he told me EVERYTHING. he told me that he went to parties constantly every week..hed always dance with a different girl and he made out with one girl for half an hour..he was a vip at a strip club and he was still talking to the ugly girl he was talking to before we got together and he went to her house. he got lapdances from over twenty girls at his senior kickoff game and my friends from that school both wanted to have sex with him. I didnt know what the hell to do and i didnt know who the hell was on the other end of the phone line I was heartbroken and he didnt care..not one bit..and he had nerve to tell me that he loved me lets get together again...PSYCHO!!! and the funny thing is..hes really ugly......

so some advice..never ever EVER ignore your womens intuition because you are always right ..maybe not exactly but you are right in the form of him doing wrong. Never ignore it. I did and he was a good liar.


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