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I know about her and she does not know about me and that is sad

Okay so here is what has happened. I was with this guy for 3 years and we were in love but there was one problem I had a lot of bagage from a previous relationship. I really hurt him and I paid the price and he moved out. However, he kept one foot in the door and never really moved everything out so I thought that there was hope. I went to counseling and during this time I knew that the ex from before me had stepped back in to the picture but he kept telling me that she was the same and he would be stupid to ever go back to her. Well one day he did go back and I thought it was over for good. Then I started getting phone calls from him about weird things and realized it was just to talk and he would never admit that he was happy. THen we saw each other one day and it was like old times and he told me that things had never changed between them but I that I hurt him... so I went on and then we would talk and text then he said he shouldnt talk to me because it would hurt her so I stopped. Then about two weeks went by and he calls again for stupid things. So we started talking again then he wanted my help with things and when I asked why not her he said cause she doesnt understand and she is not like you. So time goes on and then we meet up again a couple of times and then things like kissing happen. Then one night he calls and he wants to see me so we meet up and then go to thier house. We have sex and I was so torn. I was upset and did not know what to do but I loved him so I went with it. Then we continued to talk and more meetings with time in between. He always tells me how she is nothing like me and how she is the same that she always was. He talks so bad about her but is that just to keep me somewhat happy. Then time goes on and he starts coming to see me when he is in town and ever time I cherish the time. He never says a nice thing about her but is still with her. He says he is trapped but I do not know. I try and not call and he then calls me. I know he is going to get caught. I mean if it were me I would have checked his phone and things but I dont know. I tell him that he should tell me if he does not want to talk or see me and everytime I ask he always tells me that he does not want that. I do not know what to do. I keep thinking I am just there but then I think he can not possibly love her if he can not stop talking to me. I mean he can be on the road and then text me that he misses me. I do not know what to do. I would give anything to be with him forever especially since I have changed but I dont know if that is what he wants or if he wants to marry her. I asked him if he talked bad about me and he said no never and i beleive him because his friends say so but he has always talked bad about her and his friends agree with that as well. I just wish the end would come and he would come home. Maybe he loves her and me. The only thing is that I know about her and she does not know about me and that is sad.


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