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I know she still loved me

I met her about two years ago, but distance always kept

us far away, I loved her so deerly, and she probably did

even more, We even said that one day we would get married,

but I was so tired of waiting, but I knew she would of

waited for me, I thought to myself "this can't work out"

because we lived so far away from one another, We were on

and off, and I felt we should stop talking to oneother,

however, deep down inside my love grew stroger everytime I

pushed her away, then one day, we fought on the

phone, a couple of days later I found out she got with

someone else, one week later I was crying to her that I

wanted her back, and I would do anything, then she told me

she was getting married, "How could She!" then I thought

to myself, why would she wait for me, I made her cry many

times before, but it was never my intensions, I guess she

had enough, I know she still loved me, she calls me and

says, "we should be friends" I tell her we should move on,

my heart is too broken, how can I be your friend knowing

that your with someone that should of been me. I lost the

one the one girl I learnd to love with, the one i would

talk to all night till the morning, the only one love that

truely cared what I had to say, now she has someone else,

and I have no one, I can't fall in love with no one, In

the exact same way loved her.


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