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She Kept Leaving Me for an Abusive Ex

My ex and i dated for 16 months 5 months the first time, 11 months the second go around.I knew her for 5 years before we started seeing each other, I still work for her father,and we get along well. she and I nrver oncr had a cross word in those years as friends, then one day she showed up where I was working after not seeing her for 3 months, and she wants me to call her.I didnt call for two weeks, didnt want to anger the family, but she said she asked her dad. We start seeing each other, 5 months of seemingly perfect dating, no fights ever, it was great.

One day shen stops calling, or coming over, and I didnt call for 2 weeks. I Had to know, so i called her, and she cursed me, said i thought i was too good for her and her family, which was an outright lie, she used me to blame me for going back to ex husband. Two months later hes beat her, left for his girfriend, and left.She calls me, and after many promises, assurances and swears i agreed. aEverything was perfect bagain except when her ex showed up, then she changed and was back with him again in 11 months. whats this chiks deal?


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