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it's very pathetic and i need to get over her

My girlfriend of a year and a half left me for another guy. i was in college, in the same town as her but she met a guy while she was in high school. maybe her being around him more made it easier, I don't know. She was my first love and I trusted her. She told me stories of this guy and I assumed he was a friend. I never questioned her becasue I trusted her more than anyone. One day, a little after christmas I was getting the ipod I had bought her out of her purse while she was getting ready for work.I found a note from the guy she said was her firend. it ahd all sorts of things I didnt want to see but I read on. It turned out she and this guy had a crush ion each other. I told her I wanted her to stop seeing this guy, and I knew it hadnt gotten physical yet but she liked him more than me. I LOVED this girl. She was seriously my world. My high school sweetheart. Anyways she ended up choosing him over me. I started to date a rebound girlk a month later to try to get over her. this girl was good tho, she played my emotions like a fiddle, She is a barrista and gusy hit on her alot while she makes them coffee, I started to feel insecure when she said guys asked her out. I fast forwarded a three month relatiobship to the point to where I said I loved her. I dont knwo If i love her, but i know i get jealous easy now after my ex and the guy. I started treating her like she was my one and opnly, but still to this day I still LOVE, i mean LOVE my ex. I talk to her on myspace and msn alot, She still runs my world. its very pathetic and i need to get over her but why cant I? I am a closet alcoholic at the age of 20 over a year and a half relationship. what should I do?I have told my ex how I feel and she says she is with they same guy and it will never happen. I dotn want to leave my current gf becasue she does make me feel goodand I know she loves me very deeply even tho i dont share the same appreciation. its a "Im jealous so imgonna act like I love you" realtiponsuip


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