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ii wiill always have feeliings for my ex. ='(

Well my Ex boii friiend and ii got along very well. At fiirst iima be honest ii just thought he was pretty cute and ii thought iid giive hiim a chance to wiin my heart over. iit was hard to see eachother because he went to a diiferent school. though we always found tiime to see eachother. iid always sneek around my parents because ii wasnt allowed to date yet. iid liie and say that ii had to stay after school for tutoriing or somethiing stupid. or at niight iid sneek out of my house to see hiim. iit had been two months iinto our relatiionshiip and he had already wont my heart over. ii had falleniin love wiith hiim. he was just the sweetes guy ever. he was cariing and loviing. he always put me before hiis boys. ii love that he cared so much for me. then one day we were at the movies when thiis one chick that use to liike hiim came up to me and pushed me away from hiim. she was actiing so iimature. ii went up to her and slapped her. though my boo got iin the miidle before iit got to worse. he knew that ii would beat her ass. just defend our relationshiip. i really diid love him. then the biitch was kiicked out and we just went iin to watch the moviie. ii thought iit was funny that the grl got all butthurt cuzi was wiith the guy she liiked and deciided to push me to get away from hiim. liike that was going to make us break up. that just helped us. he learned that ii really diid care for hiim and diidnt want to loose him. after the moviie he drove me home. and when i was gettiing out of the car he stopped me and he gave a riing. he wanted iit to be a promiisiing riing. that ii would never hurt hiim or leave hiim. ii took iit cuz ii just knew ii would never leave hiim. months passed and we loved eachother more each and every day. he loved me wiith all hiis heart as well as ii diid. then a liike 4 months iinto our relatiishiip when people began to say shiit. they were always telliing my best friiend that my boy friiend never liiked me that he was just usiing me. ii got really upset ii couldnt beliive that he miight have really done that. ii diidnt talk to hiim for a week or so. everytiime he'd call iid make up some excuse or somethiing. or iid tell soemone to tell hiim that i wasnt there or some laiime excuse. untiil one day ii called hiim and confronted hiim about iit. he got mad. not at me but at the people for sayiing such nonsence. he also got upset that iid actaully thiink that. he was really upset that iid hadnt talked to hiim about it earliier. he promised me that hed never do such a thiing. after that talk we were alot closer than ever. hiim and ii started to show how much we cared for eachother alot more iin publiic. people stiil kept talkiing shiit but we diidnt let that get to us. riight before our 7th month my cousiin found out that ii was datiing him. he got so piised at me. he iimediiatly told me to ends thiings. ii told hiim that iif he cared for me he wouldnt make me do that but he diid. i had to break up wiith hiim iif ii diidnt want nothiing to happen to my boo. iit was so hard for me to let hiim go. i criied for days. and my boo wasnt happy about the iidea eiither. from wat hiis friiends told me they saiid that he hadnt gone to school for days. and that he was just not iin the same spiiriited mood. ii was really upset. ii hated seeing hiim liike that. when ii was goiing to giive hiim hiis riing back he wouldnt take iit. he saiid that he knew ii diidnt want to break up wiith hiim that ii had done iit for hiis sake. but he saiid that he rather have gotten hurt than haviing to let me go. after heariing that ii criied even more. iit hurt me so much. ii loved hiim and he loved me. but we just couldnt be together. now a year has passed and we remaiin as friiends. iits hard to see hiim wiith other giirls. and he tells me that iit hurts hiim to see me wiith other guys. hes asked me to get back wiith hiim but ii just dont know iif that would be riight thiing. i stiil care alot for hiim. but iim not sure iif ii should just move on or iff my "boo" and ii are ment to be together. iim wiith someone riight now and he loves me alot. but ii wiill always have feeliings for my ex. ='(


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