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he seemed quite perfect

i met this guy 3 months ago...he seemed quite perfect, cuz he was 1 of guys that will love u 4eva. well i broke up wit him after a month, then we got back 2gether.and i fell hook line and sinker.but he became obsessed about me realy bad. he wud follow me everywhere. told me he is going to marry me (we are 16 by the way) and that if i cheat or dump him he is going 2 commit suicide... and if i hugged another guy he had a fit...

the relationship started getting a bit rocky, as he came 2 my house every day, and thats when my grades went down. so we started having beef wit eachother.he couldnt handle it because he weak.he believes whatever some1 says he is he thinks he is.so he started going 2 counsiling.and his doc was a faurd to be honest. because he told my bf that he had depression and he must go into an mental institution. but that doc works there so he gets my bf cash.

wel he was so scared i was gona cheat on him while he in there.and warned me everyday that i cant cheat.the next thing i go there 2 visit him and some slut thats 13 years old and pregnant shouts out im gona tell her u cheated. well of cause in the end he did. and im not going into detail about hat they did. but he wanted some ass, and he even perved on such a young hoe to get it...

now he tells me that he still luvs me and he wana get back 2gether. but i know he doesnt deserve me but i cant help still loving him even if he is mad...


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