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NEVER EVER EVER surpress your women's intuition

I was in college when I met this guy. He really liked me. I was attracted to him, but I had decided I wasn't really ready for anything. We went on one date and after that it just wasn't for me.
After a few months I realized I started missing getting his phone calls and hearing his voice. I had no way of contacting him because it was the summer and we were apart. Out of the blue I got a phone call and I was so excited to hear from him. We decided to start a relationship. Starting the next semester we dated and it was just ok. We did break up for a few weeks, then I realized that I really liked him and we made it work, for 2 years. We were in love. Every moment of everyday was with each other. When I picked up the phone it was to call him, when I was zoning out in class I was thinking about him, when I was studying it was with him. My life was him.
We had fights. I had found out information about his past, about other girls he had slept with that he had never told me. It just hurt that he lied and I was afraid he was going to cheat on me. I confronted him about it, and we discussed the issue of cheating. He said and I quote, "I have never and will never cheat on you." and I took him for his word.
One weekend he went out of town and I wanted to clear my mind. I knew his password for his school email, and so I decided to see if it worked for his private email. It did. The first email that comes up was from a girl I had been worried about because she was too close to him for comfort. She started the email 'hey my man, my boo, my sweetie' - I thought, ok maybe that's acceptable. I read on. She talks about the winter break and how awesome it was spending it with him. How she was so happy to be with him. How they were perfect. signed 'Your girlfriend.' I couldn't believe it.
My heart fell. I actually felt it fall.
I proceeded to look through the rest of his emails. All of them. Pictures of the two of them from New Years, the day he called to tell me he loved me and missed me - kissing her neck. Pictures from 8 months before kissing by the beach. Emails of her saying 'I love you.'
Aside from all of that, HE had been making plans about after school when we graduated. How we would stay together, how we could make it work. I wondered, why the effort if he was cheating?
when confronted about the whole issues he exclaimed "I love you, I only like her." and "I have never called her my girlfriend and I have never told her I love her." We obviously broke it off. why would I stay with someone who cheats on me when he LOVES me and likes her. I would never had a family with a person like that, I would never trust someone like that, I would never want to be with someone like that.

My heart is in shambles, and I wish that no one had to go through this absolute pain and suffering. But I'm sure it won't stop with me.

to say the least, him and I are over. It's hard to let go, especially since I still see him regularly and he is making an effort to be friends.

If I have any advice to anyone is always to question no matter what. I spent two years with this person and had no idea he was capable of lying to me about everything. After breaking up many people approached me to tell me about things he had done before we were together - that i never knew and he never told me or lied about. Two years is a long time to hide who you are. Just be careful with your heart. Be sure you can trust. And even with trust it's fair to ask whatever you want whenever you want about anything, because if you guys are meant to be, he or she will not restrain.

AND another thing. Women, NEVER EVER EVER supress your women's intuition. I could feel warnings but I chose to supress them. Follow them through and make sure that you feel satisfied when you get your final answer. It's the most powerful tool you could ever have.

Now it's time for me to move on. I'm not sure I'm ready or will be for a very very long time to find someone else, but it's time to move on. I have lost faith in finding it in myself to trust, much less someone I can trust. All I have to say about my heart break - Not again. Not ever.


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