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I trusted him - He cheated on me

I had met this guy through a mutual friend, he was perfect. We liked the same music, we could spend hours in the car together in silence and it be totally comfortable. Just everything clicked. We dated for a month and moved in together. We lived together for 2 years and never fought, I would through my girly fits and he new exactly what to say to make me feel better. I work two jobs Mon-Friday so I am rarely home during the week.

Well, one day out of the blue, I am taking my guy to work and before I left he told me I deserved much better than him. I didn't understand because he was the one, there was no one better than him. So he had me wait all day until 9pm when I got home to talk to him. He then confessed he had went on "dates" with other girls, apparantly while I was at my night job. I couldn't believe it. This happened a month ago and even looking back on it he gave me no signs, no "red flags". The kisses didn't stop, the sex didn't stop, his attituded didn't change. Oh, did I mention he told me this on my 25th birthday.

Anyway, come to find out he was going to propose to me over the 4th of July. He had even called my mom in PA to ask her if he could, he told his sister, his mother and even went to my bestfriends house to run the idea by her. Then less than a month later his feelings completely changed, we are still talking, I kicked him out though. This has been the hardest break-up I have ever had, but I am getting through it. Obviously he isn't worth my time and I guess I am more thankful that all of this happened now, than if we did get engaged, it would be ten times harder then. Everything happens for a reason so I guess I will just hang out, get a grip on myself and see what happens next.


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