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You'd think that would teach her a lesson

She was married, but claimed she was getting divorced. Her husband was overseas in the army. After 1 week of hanging out, she let me move in with her. BIG MISTAKE! I mean I couldn't see that since she'd spoil me by taking me out, buying me things and showering me with cash. We'd go out and have great times. There was always something missing, I couldn't put my finger on it. She was getting distant. One Night, we just got done making love and she said her husband was coming home for a couple of weeks and that I would have to temporarily move out. I got hurt and left. We broke up, but somehow she she patched things up. She said I jumped to conclusions and that she was seriously done with her marriage. She was only letting her hubby stay to see his 2 year old daughter. The months leading to this arrangement were a rollercoaster. I still lived with her, but had a couch to crash on on nights she wanted to be alone. Soon it was every night. The only time I spet the noght after that was the night before she had to pick him up from the airport. We had a great night of sex and then she dropped me off at my friend's house.

She didn't call me for a few days. In fact I had to call her! Her husband answered and asked who I was.(My heart pounded. She never told him!) So I told him my name. He said she was in the shower and that he'd let her know I called. I was in a weird mood. I went to the bar and bumped into some friends I never got to hang out with when I was living with her. I went home and found a note on my door. I guess she came looking for me immediately after she was done showering. It made me bring my guard down. She visited me every night until 5 am. The sex was better, and she was more attentive to me. I guess she fought with her husband every night he was there. It was more awkward having to knock on her door an hour after we messed around in her car because my wallet fell on the floor in her backseat and it had over $400 in it. Luckily GIJoe was sleeping. He eventually went to stay at his parents house because of their fighting. He left and I moved back in. Didi everything go back to normal? HELL NO! She would kick me out once or twice a week "to be alone". A weed dealer we mutually knew broke into the other place I was staying and stole a bunch of stuff. We went out to file a report, and she got defensive of him. I never paid attention to her phonecalls with this dude everytime I wasn't there.

This guy's girlfriend called me up to ask how my girlfriend got her boyfriend put in jail. Long story irrelevant to mine, but another situation she fed into when I wasn't around. This guy went to jail, and our relationship calmed down. But he would still call her every night. Then he got moved to a probation half-way house and would visit her everyday. I didn't want to look insecure but I wanted to know what was up with this guy hanging around all the time? She said I had nothing to worry about. Well we had a huge fight after I got sick of her lyoing about being alone. Everytime she dropped me off, this guy would come over and they would get high together...."and that's all"....in her words. My instinct told me this was foul, she argued her undying love and said I was imagining things. We broke before the holdays. I went to my family she went to hers. This weed dealing guy she was supposedly frineds with broke into her house and stole a bunch of things. You'd think that would teach her a lesson? After we broke up, she hooked up with him after his second release from jail. How fucked up is that? She's still married. She still calls my house trying to start over......


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