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im only 17 years old and my ex was 18

Ok so id been going out with my ex for 5 months! everything was going well, and i told him the biggest secret that had EVER happend to me. . . i was sexually psyically and emotional abused for 3 months half a year ago, and i was still fraigle about it. . . told my ex this, and he said he understood which i felt he was amazing for understanding. He said we would take things slowly and see how things went before we slept together. i was amazed i never imagined a guy to say that before!!

after about 2 months of going out i saw on his myspace he had sent a message to a random girl at college saying he "finally got sumthing from me" she said if i dont give anything soon, she will come and get me. . .

i quickly forgot about it and carried on with life. . .

4 days before we split the last time i saw him, he wudnt say he loved me anymore, i asked him why, and he said he didnt feel the same anymore!!! i was gutted!! more to the point he said he was thinking about it for months!!!!!!!!

i went home crying my eyes out ( i lived 40 mins away) and he didnt even get in contact with me for 4 more days!!!!!!!

i sent him a message saying i cudnt go on like this, that i loved him, but i cant stay with someone who didnt love me. . .and he replied with "watever u want, i dont care anymore."

i was gutted!!! i started getting on with my life, after friendship isnt working, i ghave up with him. . .

untill i saw messages to his friends from him! i now know why he didnt feel the same way. . . because i didnt sleep with him!! and apprentrly im frigid!!! so all the things i told him about being abused, he didnt care about! and only wanted one thing!!

now tell me that hes not a piece of slime. . . LADIES AVOID THIS GUY!!!!!!


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