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I couldnt break up with him in person because of his eyes

I met him like at the begging of school and I worked with him in the cafetria so I saw him alot we became friends and everything and I really didnt like him but it turns out he liked me for awhile then when I stared liking him he had a gf so I didnt think he liked me but he broke up with her when I went up to him at work ad told him I liked him and we when out for like a month then It was summer and I only saw im when he came and visited me. but this other guy I was working with I thought was hot but he liked my best friend well I ended up holding the other guys hand.I felt like I liked both of them so I thought it wasnt rifht for me to go out with him anymore and since I couldnt break up with him in person because of his eyes I did it on the phone and I think I was more sad than he was 2 days later he was with the girl he broke up with for me. I wasnt over him yet so I kept talking to him and I figured out I like him not the other guy so I emailed him like everyday.The a few weeks after school started he said he was gona break up with her but he never did now is gf and I are friends and I m still not over him


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