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the BEST is not a description of YOU.

Such a rich loser...

He plays games all the time. But practically begs me back and describes me perfectly in fake profiles. Is he so sad that he can't grow up and actually act like a man? Is it so rough for him to realize that a poor girl dumped him but then realized she fell in love with him? Are these games he plays just a resemblence of his immature and desperate ways?

Obviously I was wrong to fall in love with such a Zstupid moron. Although this man has captured my heart; he obviously isn't good enough to end up with me.

Now it's time to just FORGET. About time I realize if he chooses to play immature games versus not being here by my side; This man is not worth any of my thoughts nor loss I once felt. Just another loser to forget about and as of now "Forgotten," henow is.

I thought you were perhaps the man of my dreams, but you're obviously just an illusion hoping to resemble something from a fairytale. I do believe in true love and I thought you were it. But the more childish games you to continue to play, make me realize you were nothing short of a wacko who lost out of the best thing that will ever cross your path. You obviously know it, or you wouldn't bother playing the childish games you do. How old are you now, 50? Do you think you can own up to being a real man anytime soon???

I don't want you anymore; you've had enough time-Don't think you'll come back now. Move on. I've given you so many opportunities to come back but your ego won't let you, but the child in you continues to bring you back. As of now, I'll stop loving you just as fast as I fell in love with you. You're not Mr. Right, because if you were, you'd be here. If you can't own up to your feelings soon, forget about me and know I have already forgotten about you.

You were wonderful, but obviously; you are NOT THE BEST. The BEST is what I deserve and from observing your immature little games; the BEST is not a description of YOU.

Take care (seriously).


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