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they talked for 1300 minutes in two and half weeks

I have been with him for three years. Our relationship has been a roller coaster but its our love for one another that always brings us back together. Anyway we broke up for a little while...during this time he slept with someone else ONCE and so did I. The other day I was worried about him becuase I had not heard from him in hours. I called him, his mother, his friends, no one knew where he was at. I finally looked at OUR phone bill statement to see if I could find a number that he called a lot (thinking it would be a friends number that I didn't have)...turns out the number i chose to call was the number of a woman claiming to be pregnant with his child. she said she was six months, but he claims this is the woman he slept with three months ago when we were not togeather. He says he is not the father but the phone bill showed they talked for 1300 minutes in two and half weeks at all hours of the night, but he says he has nothing to do with her?!?!?!?!?!? Talk about hurt, my ex pulled a stunt similar to this one. Oh yea and I may be pregnant.


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