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i know we will be together again someday

ok heres where mine begins... ive known this guy forever about 3 years right and we never really talked we just hung out with the same crowd. one night we are all together at this rodeo thing and we talked it was really nice he was sweet and very understanding. my best friend was in the process of hooking up with his best friend and she rode there with him and the guy i was talking to. so when we left he asked me for a hug so i gave him one and it was one of those hugs that sends a major rush right through you! amazing!! well anyways my best friend came over after him and the guy she was talking to dropped her off at her house.... i was texting with her when she was in the truck with them and i told her that i sorta liked him and before she said anything to him about it he started asking her questions about me and she like what do you like her or something and he said yeah i really do. so when she got to my house she told me all about it and i said wow thats great! so he called me cause my b-f gave him my number... and we had a double date the next day. that day we went bowling and wow again great converasations i was really impressed by him he gave me the butterflies and i havent felt that in awhile. so that day was also my older bro's birthday party and i invited them and so he met my family they all fell in love with him they thought he was great.so that night he asked me out and i said yeah sounds great.... a week goes by and for some reason our rerlationship sucked we were both really jeolous and stubburn! so we broke up! i was heartbroken i felt something with him i never felt before very unexplainable! that day i was tanning and he texted me "im really sorry i think i made a huge mistake i cant stop thinking about you" i didnt reply... he called me and he asked did you get my texted i said yeah but idk i didnt think you really ment it so we started talking again and i felt great i told myself i would make it work this time! well i was wrong we dated for awhille this time it was going smooth then one night i saw i side of him i didnt like.... he tried to force me to do somethings with him and yeah i liked him alot but i just wasnt ready! he didnt act mad or anything it was just wierd. the next day he called me said hey and we talked and nothing seem wrong! but the next day at school and kept ditching me for this girl that i hate highly!my friend saw her and him in the hallway and she over here "the girl" saying did you do it yet and he said no i cant... the whole day he seemed to be pushing me away! so aftre school he met me were we always met and i said whats wrong he said nothing he wouldnt even look at me so i said do you not want to be with me anymore and he said im really sorry but i think its better just as friends i said sure thats fine i understand he kissed me on the forehead and then and ran and caught up with "her" once again i felt empty!! but that night he called me and acted as we were best friends like nothing was wrong but it hurt me so i tried my hardest to make sure we stayed just friends!! the next day at school my friend came up to me and she that "the girl" told her she met my ex at the beach and made out with him and him and i were dating at the time! i was shocked so i went up to him in front of everyone! and i asked me i said did you cheat on me? he said what i said did you cheat on me?! he said people need to learn to keep their months shut and i said yeah well you need to learn to keep yours to yourself! and walked away but him and i had class together that day and i acted as if i didnt know him i blow him off completely he stood up infront of the class and said looking right at me im really sorry i didnt know how to tell you all i said was sit down and drop it i dont care and he said you do i know you do! i dont know what i was thinking i asked the teacher if i could go to the library so i left i didnt see him again til after class he was standing were we usually met infront of my next class i tried to walk by and act as if i didnt see him by he took me by my hand and gave me a letter! the whole time we dated he never wrote me! i didnt want to read it but i knew i had to! so i read it. it was the sweetest note ive ever read. i called me mom and told her everything that was going on! she was upset and didnt know hiow i should react so after class he was standing there he asked if i could talk i said no i have to go he said please itll only take a minute i said no by and i left he called me alot that night i didnt answer i mean i was so heartbroke to think that we were going so great i thought he was happy i wanted to answer it but i couldnt so he called me off his friends phone and i asked not thinking it would be him he kept apologizing but i never said i forgave him! a few weeks went by and i finally came around i started talking to him and i told strictly freidns and he said ok a few more weeks go by and one day we where walking and talking and "the girl" was standing in front of us he stopped me and kissed me. i felt all my feelings for him just come rushing back!! so we started hanging out alot i then lost my virginity to him! stupid me! he started to ingore me and everything. i felt used! so i did stuff with his good friend to make him jealous and it worked really well he came crowling back to me and wanted another chance so i gave in and then we had sex again and it started all over again with the ingoring me stuff and i really thought he loved me but til this day we are just friends i forgave him for everything! we are really close now and i go to him for my problems amd he coming to me for his! its nice to have him and his support! but i know we will be together again someday he tells me that all the time and i believe but well se ill keep you posted lol bye thanks for listening


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