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next time will be the right time

We met over the phone and was compatible the first time we met.Eversince then we seemed like a match maded in heaven. It seemed like the perfect summer love. He would call and call and I would answer with a smile like an angel. At the time he made my eyes shimmer with the sun wishing that the day wouldn't darken the moment. Well, little did I know he had an ex would couldn't seem to get over him. His ex was also my best friend. So then on the other hand he had million others besides me and her. so then I felt that this could go on, so I swore to myself. But everytime I tried I always seem to chicken out. Call me indecsisive, I know. Even till this day i still can't keep my word but now I know and decided to make up my mind with no regrets. Though we're not dating he seems to come back and attemps to seduce me. Saying yhings like " Oh Autumn I love you". "Oh I'm gonna miss you when you move" "You will always be my baby." Also, other things aswell, which I felt for in the past. But now no regrets, no confussion. Cuz this time I premeditated and my moment won't be innoportune, because next time will be the right time.


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