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but this time i said NO.

well i met "it" through my friend n we started 2 talk n everything but i wuznt feelin him at the time but i guess he was feelin me cuz he told my friend that he though he was in love with me. Months go by and im good havent thought of him or nothing untill my friend calls my house n he'z on the other line n i go ooooooo ok hi n he goes hello n so "it" and my friend start talkin and argue cause she wants to go out with him but he wants to go out with me and by that time im feelin him. So he asked me out and i said yes. So we go out for a week and we break up. and i dont hear from him in a month then he calls me in july sayin hi and everything n im like hi n he tells me how hiz summer is and then his so called "wifey" came over n took the phone and tried yo cuss me out and i wusnt havein it so i yelled at both of them. The nxt day he calles me apologisin and everything and i accepted it. 3 weeks go by and we talk and he calls me tellin me that he broke up with his "wifey" cause she tried to get with his friend and im like omg im sorry and he says itz alright and then 2 days after that he asked me back out and like a fool i said yes. So this time its better we was goin out 3 weeks and then i get grounded and i cant speak to him so i get my other friend to talk to him 4 me and everything and he tells her how he loves me and then a week later he tells her that he cheated on me with one of his x's and took a shower and he felt so happy bout it that he told my other friend and they both told me the next day and i was really sad that i started to cry and then i wuz like tell him itz over then when he called her he told her to tell me that its over cause for some reason he got the thought to tell him that i was cheating on him. So months go by and i havent herd from him i got a new boyfriend but that didnt work out also but when december rolls around he calls me n stuff so im lyk hello and he goes hello my dear and i go hi and he asked me back out again and still lyk a fool i said yes but this time we only went out 4 bout a few days then we cut it off and he's been asking me back out ever since but this time i said NO.


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