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He's a controlling jerk

I guess he isn't my ex yet, but he will be once I get the guts to break up with him. So I had a crush on him for about 4 months before we started going out. I was 15 and he was 16. His religion says that he can't date til he's 16, but he said it was alright if I was 15. So the reason I liked him was because he was really sweet and nice to everyone, and I thought he would be less physical in the relationship because of his religion. How could I be so naive? First of all, he wasn't very nice once I got to know him. He was nice to me, but he talked to me about other people behind their backs. Also, he didn't like me hanging out with the guys that I was friends with. I didn't go over to other guys houses or anything, but if we were all after school together, he would pull me off into a corner and he'd get mad if I tried to go join the rest of our friends. He did act like a "gentleman" when it came to holding the door for me and such, but that wasn't too important to me. He was more "intimate" than any of my other friends boyfriends. Now I'm old fashioned and I'm not going to have sex til I'm married, but I don't like to be really physical. He like pulls me onto his lap and when I try to pull away he gets mad and pulls me harder so I can't get up. And I'm not sitting on his lap, I'm practically lying horizontally. He keeps kissing me and stuff too, and when I tell him I'm not a fan of the PDA, he gets mad. I don't even like him anymore, which is probably why it bothers me so much, but he wont talk about it. He's a controlling jerk.


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