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now he wants an expensive car and a very thin girl

I am madly in love with one boy who is very special to me.He hurt me a lot of times but somehow I remember only the good things and the nice words he said to me and quickly erase his mistakes from my memory.I met him when I was 17 on the internet and he amazed me with his romantic behaviour online,he was laughing about the same thigs I was laughing,h told me that I am the only one who can make him really happy,he was online every night ,waiting for me to log on and we were writing to each other till late in the night,sometimes till the morning.I was a schoolgirl,he was working.I fell in lov ewith him and he told me he also had feelings for me.I had never had a boyfriend at that time and I didn't know what a kiss was but I was dreaming for my prince to come.I believe that would be him.I even called him because I wanted to hear his voice,it was so masculine,so nice.He also liked my voice.I am a bit plump girl and I decided not to give him his picture because I was afraid that the internet magic might go off and he might never speak to me.He is from Sofia,I am from Yambol.I told him I won't give him my picture right away but I want him to meet me,I had plans to go to Sofia.I started dieting,I was constantly imagining our first meeting.He told me he loved me,he told me my appearance wouldn't make any difference to him and that hewould love me for 50 years.Finally I went to Sofia because I had to take an exam there.I still remember our first meeting in a miserable hotel where I and my uncle stayed at.He sat next to me an he smiled,then I hugged him and I asked him if he wants me to kiss him.He said 'yes' and we kissed.After this thrilling moment my uncle saw us and he frownd and told the boy to leave.
We met again on his nameday,on May 6th,he visited me for two days and we kissed and hugged and even after he left we kept in touch over Skype nad ICQ.
He wanted me to go and live in his house for the summer,he told me I am his true ,first love.
Everything was pink and cloudless and we've been talking about sex as well.But one day I asked him what would happen if I get pregnant from him.And he told me that I should make an abortion otherwise he would leave me.I was shocked.That was the man who told me I was the sense of life to him???That was my first big disappointmnt but I decided to ignore this,I didn't want to lose him.Then something ele happened.After this day he changed and he told me he had another time consuming job and called me very rarely,he even told me that he was so busy during the summer that my going to Sofia should be cancelled,he wouldn't have time to pay attentiom to me.Afterwards I learned I was accepted to study in Germany and when I told him that he said nothing.I had to go to Sofia to apply for a student's visa for Germany.That was our LAST meeting.I was with my brother and his friend.We went together to a disco club but there were no available places,only one and it was occupied by my boyfriend.I told him we should go to another club but he said he was feeling great there and he wouldn't move.I was very disappointed,he preferred the disco club to me.I went out looking behind at him while he was watching the dancing girl,drinking beer carelessly.That was the last time I saws him.After that I went to Germany.He continued writing to me but very regularly,he still climed he loved me but I knew it was not the same as before.in the end he told me that if I had given him my picture before h saw me he would have stopped talking to me online because he thought I am very thin and he likes very thin girls,he also tolld me I should go to make-up artist more often because I have acne.I couldnt believe that.After meeting him he said I am a pretty girl,he kept talking to me every night and now he hurt me with ´his words.He logged online more rarely just to say he was tired and he had to go to bed and we barely wrote to each other.I was devastated,he didn't call me for my birthday,for New Year's Eve,for Valentine's day and he still said he loved me but he was tired to talk to me.And he used to do it every night...I decided to bring everything to an end and told him I was disappointed with his badd attitude towards me and I told him I don't want to speak to him.He just wrote...OK...and my heart was broken.I erased my ICQ but couldn't erase the memory about him.Probably he loved me ... once...but not anymore.Love is not etérnal,but with him I thought it would last forever.I still love him but there is no use,probably he is already embracing some very thin girl which I am not...But I really gave my heart to him,I loved him immensely and I still love him but everything is over.I belive he is a good person and I wish him only happiness but he couldn't stand internet relationship.Maybe we were not meant to be together.But I feel I will love him forever because he was the first,the one who showed me what love is,although some people might think I am stupid because he hurt me so much and he did very bad things but I still remember that he was once very good to me and I really felt he loved me,staying the whole night to talk to me,repeating he loved me and he never felt this way before.Now this boy is gone and I miss him so much,I want him back but he doesn't exist.This boy now wants sex and a thin girl and the boy before wanted only to see me,hug me and holding me in his hands whisper that he loves me.My love was enough for him even 300 km away.But now he wants an expensive car and a very thin girl.I hope I will forget him soon...but not so soon as he forgot me,only fifty years after that...


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